ZANE (irgquthtp) wrote,

(like you don't know who I am)

like you I don't know who I am
I don't know anything like Socrates
and as you suspect I never listen
to your feeble lost voice
I'm a Frankenstein's monster
to your Motherfather Frankenstein DOCTOR Frankenstein
I've been aborted in my philosophical infancy
as many times as your swollen head has bobbed up above the surface of my Starry Wisdom
I've made myself sick trying to hold down your slop your scientifico-sorcerous love potions your sewage
and I’ve suffered from the foolishness of trying to wed myself to your hideous marriage bed
that bed whereupon you've taken your own pale and enslaved adolescent flesh
ten thousand zillion times, i.e. eternally ad naseum
as I descended to the dwarves
the human scum in their starships
where they worshipped my shame
and my insanity

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